281Z Tactical Nylon Heavy Duty Belt with Nylon Buckle – Gun Belt – EDC Police Military – Frogman Line


$13.99 – $17.99

  • 100% Nylon. 1.5 inch Duty Belt. All materials are NIR Compliant.
  • NON-METALLIC. The non-metallic nylon buckle will not detain you during the pass of airport inspections. It allows for easy adjustments yet holds tight.
  • Buckle closure
  • RIGIDITY. Belt webbing stifness prevents the easing of the belt itself, adding comfort during long-term wear, allows to place gun holsters (regular or concealed), prevents sagging and retaings the rigidity of the belt even under the load of pouches for ammo, radios, handcuffs, flashlights, etc.
  • VERSATILITY. It can be used as everyday civilian belt with trousers or shorts, or as a specialized or professional belt for law enforcement officers, hunters, builders, soldiers, etc.
  • DURABLITY. 1.5-inch 2.5mm thick heavy duty nylon webbing can withstand 2000 kgs (4400 lbs) tensile loads. Low-profile plastic buckle is made of high-quality polyamide (nylon 6.6), it can withstand either very high or low temperatures. and can has a shear strength of more than 100 kg.
  • COMBAT PROVEN. Many of the servicemen in Ukraine almost fell in love with this belt. It is actively used by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the National Police of Ukraine, the National Guard of Ukraine and other law enforcement units.
  • Made in Ukraine. Quality proved in combat.
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