281Z Men’s Tactical Moisture Wicking T-Shirt – Hiking Training Outdoor – Active Athletic Workout – Polartec Delta (Graphite)

DESIGN. 281Z Punisher T-Shirt combined the latest tendencies and modern trends in activewear with a professional approach and extensive testing to create the ultimate hot weather t-shirt, that must work and perform in every imaginable situation.

VERSATILITY. Hiking, training, sports, fitness, jogging – Delta T-Shirt will work perfectly for any sport or occupation you want. Whether you are hunter, fisherman, law enforcement officer, military serviceman, practical shooter, hiker or just lead an active lifestyle, you should get one. It also works great as a working or technical shirt.

COMFORT. Punisher Combat Delta T-Shirt is designed to perform in various conditions, occupations, and circumstances. The cut and seam locations were specially designed to avoid any possible interference and clogging during activities, and the overall elasticity of the fabric allows the t-shirt to sit firmly, but without any discomfort.

PERFORMANCE.T-Shirt is made of an innovational Polartec Delta cooling fabric system. Due to the special fiber structure and design, it helps the body to remain cool even in the hottest conditions. It has high breathability and moisture-wicking properties and helps to prevent unpleasant odor. No matter how high air temperature is – you will remain cool, dry and fresh.

QUALITY. All materials, besides Delta fabric by the worldwide-know Polartec, are also made by the leading names in the industry. We try to use threads and accessories of the highest quality to ensure that the t-shirt will last for long and will work the way it was designed for a long time after the purchase.